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Why "Tea and Toast" May Aid Seniors' Health
March 7th 2010

Green tea has known health benefits for people of all ages. High in anti-oxidants, low amount of caffeine, and possessing a chemical known as "catechin polyphenols", the tea has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, control headaches, assist in maintaining energy level, weight control, and even help with depression.

A recent study of elderly Japanese that compared their symptoms of depression with green tea consumption showed that those individuals that consumed more green tea (over 3 cups a day) tended to have less depression.

The physical, mental and social changes brought about by aging are significant, to say the least. Seniors living at home, or providers caring for them may consider healthy, natural green tea as a possible remedy to changes in well being, physical, mental or emotional.

As a side note, one seniorDECISION partner regularly imbibes green tea for his own benefits and has been encouraging his mother to do so as well!


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2. Green tea consumption is associated with depressive symptoms in the elderly, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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