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Health Care, how about just caring for one another?

Which side do you sit on when it comes to the mighty Health Care debate?

A huge debate is being waged by President Barack Obama and thousands of interests groups across the United States of America regarding what health care coverage should look like in the United States.  There is a recognition that the status quo is not longer sufficient (or soon will not be), but alternatives are not clear.

In all matters, we must remember why health care matters so much.  For some, health care is a very emotional matter.  After all, we have this chance on Earth, and if it is cut short, it may seem unfair.  So to those that suggest older people like those over 80 (the fastest growing segment of our population by the way) are using too many resources to prolong their lives, it is not easy to give up our time here on this beautiful place... especially considering people are reaching 100 years of age more and more frequently.

A solution.  Keep looking.  A thought.  Indeed.  One key ingredient to care in this country is the idea that family cares about family; neighbors care about neighbors, and those who have neither family nor neighbors are brought into the fold.  Just knowing that someone cares about you as a person makes a HUGE difference.  As a part of something larger than once self, helps focus energy in the right direction.  Not at the difference that divide, but at the similarities that build the foundation of a society where each person is valued for the gifts they bring to the table.  This is where I would like to sit.



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