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Satisfaction is Being Achieved, We Should Celebrate and Continue to Work Hard - By Rob Liebreich

In November, 2007, the state of Maryland released a 2007 Maryland Nursing Facility Family Survey.  This survey had 9575 respondents, all of whom had interaction via their own experience or through a loved one for 90 days or more at a nursing facility.  The full report can be found here:  http://mhcc.maryland.gov/consumerinfo/nhguide/satisfactionsurvey.aspx


The overall results – 88% of respondents representing over 240 nursing facilities would recommend the place they did business with.  If this were a school test, that would be a B+.  For the residents of Maryland, they should be celebrating. 


How could an industry with a sometimes questionable reputation achieve such a high willingness to recommend score? 


One bad apple should not spoil the lot.  As with everything in life, some things are better than others.  And when we deal in the world of people, a bad apple story is that much more painful to hear, see, or read about, because we ourselves can see the situation happening to us.  Good service is also worth reporting on, although much less interesting.  And when nearly 8700 people out of almost 10,000 say that after their experience, they would recommend their nursing home this means we are headed in the right direction.  With that stated, we still have 1300 more to go to reach our goal of a 100% satisfaction.


Providers strive to delivery the best lifestyle and customer service possible, and based on such strong feedback many consumers find themselves very pleased.  Through sites like seniorDECISION.com, it is time to share the news.


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