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Economic Woes, Where Do You Go - Rob Liebreich, Co-Founder, seniorDECISION.com

Pinched at the pump?  Working harder but making just about the same or less in take-home pay? 

What are families to do when faced with economic hardship and caregiving responsibility beyond the abilities of the immediate family?

Go Gradual If You Must

If spending $4000 for an assisted living Community tomorrow seems out-of-reach, try a more gradual approach.  Adult Day Care may be an option, or hiring a home health service for a few hours a day could provide the added relief necessary.

Turn Over All Stones

Spending money on heath care services, there may be tax advantages that you want to take advantage of (speak with a financial advisor or elderlaw attorney to learn more); served your country during war time, may sure you look into Aid and Attendance programs from the Veterans Administration (link under INFO YOU NEED section of our site - look towards the bottom); check with local office on aging to see if there are helpful local area benefits, or let the provider know the circumstances you are in and see what they are willing to do - never hurts to ask!

Choosing Inaction is the Wrong Action

If you can answer the following question in the affirmative, then maybe inaction is a good course, otherwise, you need to work towards changing your circumstances.  "If I do nothing different for the next 3 months in the case of my loved one, my circumstances and those of my loved one will be better or the same as today?"







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